Biography - Chantal d'Orléans
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Knife painting with acrylic paints
Chantal d’Orléans, Princess of France, daughter of the late Count and Countess of Paris,
Born in exile in Pamplona, Spain.
. Graduated as a book binder from the Estienne School and the school of the rue Beethoven in Paris

. Worked with Tiffany & Co. in New York on the reproduction of a dinner set from King Louis-Philippe 1st, King of the French
. Guy de Malherbe’s Art studio 1999
. Chantal Zeller’s Art studio 2001
. Honorary Member of the Academy of Fine Arts of Moscow.

Tribute to H.R.H. Princess Chantal

. Originally, Chantal d’Orléans is a bookbinder, graduated from the Estienne School. Nowadays, we know her through painting, Art she has been practicing for 10 years. Initiated into it by Guy de Malherbe, she started with watercolour, before proposing, exhibition after exhibition, paintings with suggestive themes : “Dreaming places”, “Unusual Paris”, “Provence” and recently “Sunny trees”.

. With multiple horizons unveiled before our eyes, the artist becomes, through her paintings, a citizen of the World. Her passion for escape and travel leads us toward places full of smells and lights.

. With a generous palette, she proposes compositions with frequent tinted areas. The artist cuts, with a knife, into coloured zones in which you can still notice some of the chalk sketches of the preliminary works. Transparency effects provide transparency but also light. The painting exists under our eyes.

. We discover, through her paintings, the gaze of a free artist with a spontaneous movement. Her work digresses from too classical a vision.

. Always solicitous over her own improvements, Chantal shows a kind of faith for escape. There is no woman more strongly decided about everything she manages. This resolution is never accompanied with weariness but quite the opposite, is full of gaiety and a visible happiness of discovery.

. Her paintings display a variety of images gathered by a tireless traveller who invites us to watch and to see. It is also the opportunity to tell Chantal once more that, behind this homage, she has to be aware of our pending for her forthcoming work.

Arnaud d’Hauterives

Secrétaire perpétuel de l’Académie des Beaux-Arts, Paris.